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Selection And Maintenance Of Electric Tricycles

Oct. 07, 2023

An electric tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle that is powered by a battery, driven by a motor, or pulled by a person. The electric tricycle adopts a tubular large capacity, left and right inner lining, deep discharge, and traction type battery, which can meet the requirements of long-term continuous discharge. The battery is generally used for two years, and the content does not decrease.

The electric tricycle motor adopts DC series excitation traction type brushless or brushless motor. The motor is equipped with a speed-increasing device, which is not easy to be damaged in normal use and ensures strong output power. The electric tricycle motor uses a controller to control the conversion of current to drive the car and change the speed of the car. The frame is a platform that carries all the components. A good body is not only easy to use but also better to protect the various components of the electric car.

electric tricycle

Electric Tricycle

The choice of electric tricycle should be considered in terms of frame, battery, motor, controller, etc. Of course, it also needs maintenance during use. Keeping all parts of the electric tricycle lubricated can not only reduce friction loss but also improve the transmission efficiency and reduce the wear of the parts. At the same time, it can be cooled, cleaned, rust-proof, and sealed. In order to obtain good lubrication of the various parts of the electric tricycle, the lubricant must be selected in accordance with the regulations.

In the maintenance work of electric tricycles, many bolted parts are tightened with torque requirements. The special tools for electric tricycles are tightened according to the specified torque. When disassembling, loosen or tighten the screws in the prescribed order. The structure of an electric tricycle is different from an internal combustion engine because it uses an electric motor instead of an engine as a power source, and uses a battery as an energy source. Because the motor has the characteristics of direct starting with zero speed of the load, the electric tricycle can save the clutch and gearbox under the condition of the performance of the motor, which greatly simplifies the drive.

Taking care of your tricycle

ㆍCheck tire pressure - Over Inflated tires are as much to blame for punctures as underinflated tires. Look on the side of your tire for the PSI you should aim for. Tip: A floor-standing pump allows you to pump large volumes of air with ease, making them quicker and more efficient than a hand pump. Some bike shops will let you borrow theirs.

ㆍCheck brake pads - Worn brake pads reduce braking efficiency. If you feel your tricycle is no longer braking with ease, please get a qualified bike mechanic to repair or replace them, as brake pads are a vital component of safe riding, on and off the road.

Three wheels electric scooter

ㆍClean your chain - Regularly cleaning your tricycle's drivetrain, including the chain, means it will perform better and last longer. You don't need to remove the chain; all you need is hot water, a toothbrush, rags, brushes and sponges, a degreaser, and chain lube. For a quicker job, you can use a handheld chain cleaner. Just wash and degrease, then rinse, dry, and lubricate.

ㆍSilence squeaky brakes - Screeching brakes are often dirty brakes, or at least dirty wheel rims. Clean and dry both properly, and 50% of the time this solves the problem. If that doesn't work, they may need adjusting.

ㆍLubricate - Buy some bike-specific lubricant and use it sparingly on any parts of your bike where metal touches metal, such as the chain, brake, and dérailleur levers, cables, and bearing systems. Don't oil your chain unless you've cleaned it properly first, as this will create an abrasive paste that will grind away at the chain. Use a lubricant appropriate to the weather conditions you ride in.

ㆍTrue wheels - Turn your bike upside down and spin your wheels. Do they wobble a little from side to side? If so, they need “truing”, which involves adjusting the length of some of the spokes using a spoke key. Anyone can true a wheel but there's a knack to it. If it's your first time, seek the help of a bike shop that will do this for a small fee. True wheels are stronger, roll better, and don't rub brake pads unevenly.

ㆍSitting comfortably - If you're prone to a sore bum, experiment a little with your saddle, raising or tilting it slightly to suit your riding style. If you get sore knees while cycling, your saddle might be too low. When you pedal, your legs should be almost straight on the downward revolution.

ㆍStoring your ride - Storing your tricycle somewhere dry, away from rain, dampness, dust, and direct sunlight will better preserve its condition and reduce the amount of maintenance required.

ㆍService your tricycle - Servicing your tricycle once a year is usually adequate, ideally at the start of spring if you've been brave enough to cycle through winter. However, there is no shame in getting an expert to take a look – think of it as your yearly tricycle.

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