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5 Reasons To Switch To An Electric Motorcycle

Feb. 05, 2024

Riding a motorcycle is invigorating. Especially when it is electric.

Although electric motorcycles are not yet mainstream, the idea does not sound far-fetched. Electric motorcycles may not provide all the traditional advantages of gas-powered motorcycles, such as the vibration or noise you like. Buying an electric motorcycle will surprise you a lot.

Here are the top five reasons you should consider buying an electric motorcycle.

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Reason 1: Save money

This is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of electric motorcycles. Although the cost of the motorcycle itself is the same, sometimes even more expensive than a gasoline motorcycle, the ongoing cost of an electric motorcycle is much lower.

The total savings depends on the specific model of bicycle you buy and what gas-powered bike you are comparing it to. However, in all cases, the refueling cost of electric motorcycles is much lower than that of traditional motorcycles.

Reason 2: Easy to maintain

Without all the complex problems of internal combustion engines, the maintenance of electric motorcycles is usually much easier. With an electric bicycle, you don't need to worry about all the liquid like a gasoline engine. This alone means that the possibility of errors is less, and if a problem does occur, the possibility of mechanical troubleshooting is also less.

However, it is worthless, just like most electronic devices, when a problem occurs, a certain skill is required to solve the problem. To repair an electric motorcycle, you should have a certain level of programming skills instead of being proficient in machinery. Nevertheless, when problems do arise, they can be a nuisance, but for the average rider, the overall regular maintenance of an electric motorcycle is easier.

Reason 3: Ease of use

For an electric motorcycle, to start, all you have to do is to unscrew the throttle and then open it. You don’t have to worry about shifting, stalling, or other headaches caused by traditional manual transmissions that are common in gasoline-powered motorcycles.

Reason 4: They are very suitable for road trips

You can still take an electric motorcycle for road trips without worry. The average mileage of a single charge is about 150 kilometers, and you can rest assured that you can travel long distances after a full charge.

Electric motorcycle

Reason 5: They are more conducive to commuting and the environment

Electric motorcycles are easier to commute because they are not as hot or uncomfortable as gasoline motorcycles. Because there is no gas engine, there is no exhaust. When you ride a bicycle, you don't have to worry about your legs being burned by certain parts of the engine or pipes. This makes electric motorcycles a great choice for commuters.

Not to mention, battery-powered motorcycles are a great way to reduce personal carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Using an electric vehicle, whether it is a car or a motorcycle, if you plan to use it to commute to get off work, your emissions will be significantly reduced.

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