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How To Maintain An Electric Motorcycle?(2)

Jun. 03, 2021

How To Maintain An Electric Motorcycle? (2)

If your motorcycle does not have a chain but uses a drive belt instead, these require little maintenance.

Maintain tires

Motorcycle tires must be kept in good condition, and electric motorcycle tires are no exception. You have to pay attention to the air pressure of each tire. Each model of the motorcycle has different tire pressure specifications. You can find these numbers in your model manual. Generally, the pressure of each tire should be maintained at around 2-2.2 bar (29-32 psi), depending on the size and width of the tire and the weight of the driver and vehicle.

After the tire is broken, you have to change it from time to time. There is a wear indicator on the tread of each tire, which will help you determine when to replace the tire. The front and rear wheels are usually not worn at the same time, and each tire can be replaced individually. But you must make sure that there are always some lines on the tires. Having good tires on a motorcycle is more important than having good tires on a car because they can save your life!

Brakes and brake fluid

The braking principle of electric motorcycles is the same as that of ordinary gasoline motorcycles. They have brake levers, cables, fluids, brake pads, and brake discs, all of which require maintenance. The component that usually needs to be replaced most frequently is the brake fluid (every two years or so). Brake pads and brake discs will wear out after a few years. Leverages and cables usually do not require any form of maintenance, but they can still be damaged sometimes.

Signal lights and turn signals

All legal road vehicles, including electric motorcycles, have lights and turn signals. Each of them uses one or more bulbs that require regular inspection. If you find that one of your lights is malfunctioning or not working at all, you must repair it and replace the bulb immediately. Yes, you can still ride a motorcycle without working headlights or turn lights, but it will cause serious accidents. Therefore, never ride a motorcycle without electronic equipment.

Battery maintenance

The battery of an electric motorcycle can be used for 10 years. It does not require any special maintenance, but there are some things you can and should do to extend its lifespan.

In conclusion:

I believe everyone will agree that maintaining electric motorcycles is much easier than maintaining ordinary motorcycles. Some people might say that maintaining a gasoline-powered motorcycle is part of a hobby, and you can learn many new skills from it. This is absolutely true, but most responsibilities quickly become boring. In today's fast-paced world, it is always good to save some time and do some more enjoyable activities, such as riding. So, if you hate changing oil and filters, or you are worried about your engine overheating, an electric motorcycle may be a better choice.

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