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How To Charge An Electric Motorcycle?

Dec. 21, 2023

Knowing the science of charging can extend the life of your electric motorcycle and avoid causing danger. Read on for more information.


Charging your electric motorcycle for the first time

It is best to charge it for 12 hours continuously after the first charge is completely discharged. Later, it is best to charge it after two-thirds of the power is used, and it is best to charge it once fully, and then fully again after three months of use after a deep discharge (i.e., discharging the power), which is good for battery activation and makes the battery last longer.

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The type of electric vehicle battery determines the charging method

General electric motorcycles use lead-acid batteries. Since lead-acid batteries have a certain memory effect, they need to be fully discharged for long service life, but they must not be overcharged, so generating power to 30% should be a better charging method. Nowadays, lead-acid batteries are generally used, and lithium-ion batteries are rarely used because of their high cost, which cannot be adapted to their wide customer base.

If the electric scooter uses a lithium-ion battery pack, it needs to be charged as it is used. After you buy an electric motorcycle, the manual it comes with will tell you that it is best to charge the battery as it is used, so it is best for the battery to stay fully charged all the time.


How to charge properly?

The first few times you charge the battery, you can charge it up to 12 hours, then you can charge it up to 1 hour after the green light. Generally, it shows that the power is not enough to force the ride. The difference between the two types of batteries is obvious, the same capacity lithium batteries are much lighter than lead-acid batteries, weighing only about one-third of lead-acid batteries, the volume is also much smaller, but the service life is much longer, but the price is much more expensive, at least three times more than lead-acid batteries! Lithium batteries can be charged as you go, but don't charge them too hard.


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How to charge an electric motorcycle in winter?

In winter, electric motorcycles are more power-hungry and use electricity faster. Generally, you need to charge it 2~3 times a week, so it can be charged and used immediately. If you don't have time or you run out of power halfway through the year, you can charge it for a while and ride it.


Charging incorrect way may bring hidden dangers

Charging time should be controlled within 10 hours, and do not charge at night. Avoid not finding the fire in time.

It is strictly forbidden to charge to turn on the anti-theft alarm.

Sealing the charging power supply for charging will cause poor heat dissipation and easy to catch fire.


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