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  • LG Electric Scooter

  • LG Electric Scooter

  • LG Electric Scooter

  • LG Electric Scooter

  • LG Electric Scooter

  • LG Electric Scooter

KingChe Electric Scooter LG

• Adult electric scooter

• Max range: 100km

• Digital dash board

• Brake: Front and rear disc brake

• Bike size: 1900*780*1100MM

• MOQ: 1 Piece

PRODUCT Description

The characteristic of this scooter is that it is much wider than ordinary scooter. The widened body and widened seat cushion make the rider and rider more comfortable. The double rear side guards are designed with flowing water and light, which is simple and beautiful. The front guards are equipped with lockable storage compartments, making storage safer and more reliable.

There are a variety accessories can be your selection. OEM/ ODM/ CKD/ SKD order are all available.

If what you want are not in the table, please be free to contact us, thanks for support!

Customizable AccessoriesSpecification
Model Number:LG Electric Scooter
Motor:1000W, 1500W, 2000W
Tile motor/ Hub wheel motor
Brand: KingChe Motor
Brand: QS motor
Battery:ACID battery 72V/ 60V, 20AH.
LFP lithium battery 72V/ 60V, 20AH/ 30AH.
Brand: XinChi / ChaoWei / KingChe
Controller:KingChe Controllor
Voltol controller
Break:KingChe disc break
ABS break system
CBS break system
Shock Absorption:KingChe Shock Absorption
Dash board and LED:Digital dash board
LED headlight, Turn signal light, Rear light
Tire:Vacuum tire: 3.00-10 inch
Plastic Accessories:Colorful part ABS plastic and black part PP plastic.
ABS colorful platic, color, logo and pattern can be customized.
PP is black color, cann't be painted.
Package:Steel frame + Carton:  Completely assembled electric bike.
Plywood Carton: Completely assembled electric bike.
Carton: Full container CKD order of electric bike.
Service:To be our dealer.
MOQ:1 Piece
Delivery time:15-20days, if urgently order, please contact us.



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