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  • KingChe Electric Scooter JD

  • KingChe Electric Scooter JD

  • KingChe Electric Scooter JD

KingChe Electric Scooter JD

• Exquisite travel Bikes

• Max range: 100km

• Digital dash board

• Brake: Front and rear disc brake

• Bike size: 1780*750*1080MM

• MOQ: 1 Piece

PRODUCT Description

The whole car has no corners and round design, horizontal oval LED headlights, this round and compact design is very popular with urban women. This car is a good choice for daily commuting, weekend leisure, etc. At the same time, this car has a parking assist rear armrest, which is convenient for parking. The backrest can also be installed to facilitate passengers and ensure safety.

There are a variety accessories can be your selection. OEM/ ODM/ CKD/ SKD order are all available.

If what you want are not in the table, please be free to contact us, thanks for support!

Customizable AccessoriesSpecification
Model Number:Vespa Electric Scooter
Motor:1000W, 1500W, 2000W
Tile motor/ Hub wheel motor
Brand: KingChe Motor
Brand: QS motor
Battery:ACID battery 72V/ 60V, 20AH.
LFP lithium battery 72V/ 60V, 20AH/ 30AH.
Brand: XinChi / ChaoWei / KingChe
Controller:KingChe Controllor
Voltol controller
Break:KingChe disc break
ABS break system
CBS break system
Shock Absorption:KingChe Shock Absorption
Dash board and LED:Digital dash board
LED headlight, Turn signal light, Rear light
Tire:Vacuum tire: 3.00-10 inch
Plastic Accessories:Colorful part ABS plastic and black part PP plastic.
ABS colorful platic, color, logo and pattern can be customized.
PP is black color, cann't be painted.
Package:Steel frame + Carton:  Completely assembled electric bike.
Plywood Carton: Completely assembled electric bike.
Carton: Full container CKD order of electric bike.
Service:To be our dealer.
MOQ:1 Piece
Delivery time:15-20days, if urgently order, please contact us.



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