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Welcome to Kingche, we are a manufacturer of electric motorcycles, mopeds and tricycles in China. We specialize in providing cutting-edge, eco-friendly transportation solutions that are both stylish and efficient. Whether you're a distributor searching for new products or an individual looking to purchase a single vehicle, we have you covered.

China is now one of the largest producers of electric motorcycles in the world. With government incentives promoting environmental sustainability, Chinese residents have increasingly embraced the use of electric bicycles, leading to a growing market share for electric motorcycles in China. As the global trend toward new energy sources continue to gain momentum, we are expanding our sales of electric motorcycles manufactured in China to a global audience!

As a China electric motorcycle manufacturer, we accept customized requirements for mileage, power, speed, appearance graphics, etc.!


+86 157 2245 2468


+86 157 2245 2468

231 Xinzhou Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

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