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The Best Way to Lock Your Electric Scooter

Nov. 08, 2022

A lock is one of the most popular electric scooter accessories - for good reason. Today we discuss the best and safest locking methods to use for the otherwise vulnerable e-scooters.


So, you just bought a brand-new electric scooter and you are all ready to take it for a ride in the town. Before you leave you to realize you will need to park the electric scooter outside while running your errands. You’re probably asking yourself, what if a thief takes it? Luckily there are security options to make sure your electric scooter is safe while you’re away.

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With a simple push scooter or lightweight e-scooter, putting it in a backpack and carrying it with you is always the best option. When you have a more powerful scooter, this is not an option because of the weight. A few options available are cable locks, scooter chain locks, and types of locks designed for mopeds. The best way to determine how a lock will prevent theft is through the Sold Secure Rating System.


Ring Lock

If your scooter has a wheel with open spokes, a Ring Lock can be used. These locks have a hardened steel ring with a cable in the center. The cable is wrapped through the rim of the wheel and prevents it from rotating while locked.

Many of these locks have a Silver rating and provide much more protection than a simple cable lock. A few of these options also have plug-in capability, meaning it can be attached to a cable lock for extra security.


Cable Locks

Cable locks designed for bicycles are the most affordable option for securing your scooter. They are flexible enough to wrap around different pieces of the scooter and can attach it to anything that fits inside the cable. You can keep them in a backpack or store them directly on the scooter.

A major disadvantage of this type of lock is that they can be cut through using wire cutters in a few seconds. Because of this, almost all cable locks have been rated as Bronze by Sold Secure. This means that it will most likely only stop opportunist thieves and will do almost nothing to stop anyone more prepared.



The most secure traditional type of lock for scooters is a D-Lock or U-Lock. Almost all of the Sold Secure Gold ratings are held by this type of lock. A D-Lock is a hardened steel shackle that can be attached to the scooter and a sturdy object.

These require either strong bolt cutters or power tools to defeat. These locks will stop all opportunistic thieves. A major disadvantage of the D-Lock is that it is a rigid design and is not as portable as chain or cable locks.


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Scooter Chain Locks

A chain lock is a step up from a cable lock and works in the same way. Instead of a cable, a series of covered chain links secure the scooter to the object.

Chain locks can’t be cut using wire cutters and require a hacksaw or bolt cutters to defeat. Many chain locks are rated as Silver through Sold Secure. A silver ranking means that the lock is a compromise between security and price.

Some of the higher-end chain locks even reached a Gold bicycle ranking or a gold motorcycle ranking.


Disc Lock

If you have a scooter with a brake caliper, a disc lock can be used. Disc locks attach to the brake caliper and prevent the wheel from turning.

While no disc is rated as Motor Scooter Silver, a few are rated as Motor Scooter Gold. This means that the locks are considered safe from the average thief by Sold Secure.


Security designed for Mopeds

If you live in an area with a high crime rate, it might be a better option to purchase a lock designed for motorcycles or mopeds. These locks are rated on a separate scale than the other locks on this list and are considered more secure than the bicycle rated locks.



Many locks designed for mopeds and motorcycles include alarms to add an extra layer of security. These alarms will stop a thief in their tracks if it draws enough attention.

These alarms can be integrated with any type of lock on the list or can be a stand-alone unit.


The Best Way to Lock an E-Scooter

No lock is invincible, and a determined thief will steal whatever they can. The best way to keep your scooter safe is by making it too inconvenient for the thief. Just having a lock will prevent it from being rolled away and deter petty thieves.

Make sure to use the smallest D-lock, or shortest chain or cable lock you can to prevent tools from being inserted in between the scooter and the lock. Keep locks off the ground to prevent them from being smashed with a hammer.

Always make sure to secure your scooter to something sturdy. The best electric scooter lock is one that is properly set up to deter even experienced thieves.


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