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How To Maintain Electric Motorcycle Batteries?

Jun. 20, 2024

Battery Maintenance Basics


When charging a new eletric motorcycle battery for the first time, the time must be long to ensure that the electricity will be sufficient. For lead-acid batteries, no matter how far or near the distance, they should be charged immediately after use, and charged as they are put, not until the power is completely exhausted before thinking of charging. This will not only protect the battery, but also extend its service life.

If the daily commuting distance is short, the engine running time is very short will also cause the battery to be undercharged, not enough to make up for the situation. At this time should be a regular long-distance ride, or directly to the battery charging and other measures to ensure the performance of the battery online.

In addition to temperature, in the daily use of the vehicle, should be as little as possible to add additional equipment to the battery, such as GPS positioning, often bright spotlight, touch alarm, etc.. These devices can easily cause power loss when the vehicle is not ridden for a long time.

Electric Motorcycle


How is the electric motorcycle battery charged and discharged?


The lead battery is discharged through a redox reaction in which a dilute sulfuric acid solution (electrolyte) oxidizes the negative metallic lead to form lead sulfate and negative charge, while the positive lead dioxide reacts with the electrolyte and the free positive charge to form lead sulfate and water. In this process, the flow of positive and negative charges produces current potential energy, which is the electrical energy we use every day.

During the charging process, under the stimulation of external current, lead sulfate decomposes into lead dioxide, metallic lead and sulfuric acid solution, and returns to the initial state of discharge. So on and so forth, to achieve the purpose of repeated use.


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Battery maintenance routine


1. Check the shell, cover and seal of the battery, there should be no rupture.

2. Check the installation of the battery, it must be secure. Wires and pole tower iron etc. must be firmly connected.

3. Brush the outside of the battery with hot water and dry it. Use clean cloth or cotton yarn to remove the dust and mud on the surface of the battery, wipe off the electrolyte on the battery cover, keep the battery and the connecting wires clean and dry.

4. Check the poles, there should be no looseness. Clear the oxide on the pole and wire connectors. Forbid metal chips and other debris to enter the battery.

5. Do not knock the battery. This is because the lead plate in the battery has very low polarity and is very fragile, so the battery should not be knocked because it is not functioning well, which will cause the shell to break and the pole plate to be damaged.


Battery maintenance


1. Idle and warm up the car for a few minutes before using it in winter, and then ride.

2. Every two weeks, confirm the battery usage, fire up the battery to charge it, or run a lap (about 15 minutes).

3. 1 month or more without using the car, the battery and car disconnected for sealing treatment, love the car and love the battery.

4. If you do not use the car for a long time, you can buy a charger to charge the battery, 1-2 weeks or so to charge once.


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