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How To Choose An Electric Scooter?

Aug. 18, 2023

Are you looking for an electric scooter, but don't know how to choose the right model? You are definitely not the only one. The electric scooter is small short-distance transportation, especially suitable for use in urban areas. It is very easy to manipulate and control, and thanks to the folding frame, you can carry it almost anywhere. Electric scooters are relatively new in the market, but they will certainly have a future like eco-cars that are easy to store and use in big cities because they are perfect for smoothly avoiding heavy traffic. Short trips, quick shopping, or a bus ride to the nearest bar are also suitable.

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Things to pay attention to when choosing an electric scooter:

If you decide to buy an electric scooter, it is best to first consider your expectations of it. In addition to design, other factors are also important, such as weight restrictions, maximum range, output, and maximum speed. The following points can help you familiarize yourself with various factors and help you decide which scooter is best for you.


First, focus on how and how often you want to use the scooter. If you need a reliable vehicle to go to work or school, it is best to choose a more complex model with higher battery capacity and better motor output. However, if you buy a motorcycle for fun or occasional travel, you can choose a lower price.

Frame/weight limit

The weight limit of an electric scooter is determined by the rigidity of the frame. All electric scooters carry the weight of an adult; however, some are longer lasting than others.


Another important factor in choosing an electric car is its maximum cruising range per battery cycle. Each model of scooter differs greatly in the maximum mileage (in kilometers or minutes). Compare the parameters of each motorcycle and choose the motorcycle with the maximum mileage that meets your requirements. Of course, the longest battery life is the most expensive model that uses high-quality batteries.


The battery capacity is closely related to the maximum mileage of a motorcycle. The maximum range is usually between 40 minutes and several hours. However, the battery capacity also depends on the terrain, riding style, and weight of the rider. You can see the exhaustion of the battery on the motorcycle’s display. Generally speaking, the larger the battery capacity (Ah), the longer the maximum range.


Most electric cars are accelerated and decelerated by levers on the handlebars. The number of speeds can be different, but the speed adjustment method is the same. (There are several speed options that are useful, especially when you have a child who also uses a scooter.)

Braking System

There are several options for the braking system of electric scooters. Normally, there is a foot brake on the rear fender that allows you to stop immediately. Sometimes, electric brakes are also part of the scooter, making the brakes more stable and comfortable. There may also be a classic rear brake (drum brake or disc brake), which is controlled by a lever on the handle. In the model using the gyroscope system, you can break by pulling the handlebar toward you.


There are several wheel sizes to choose from. Generally speaking, larger wheels are more stable and more suitable for driving on uneven terrain.


The driving device of the electric scooter is connected to the battery that provides power to it. The stronger the power, the better the ride experience. The motor output range is 250-500w. The high output motor is suitable for heavier users or riding uphill

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