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  • KingChe Electric Scooter ZS

  • KingChe Electric Scooter ZS

  • KingChe Electric Scooter ZS

  • KingChe Electric Scooter ZS

KingChe Electric Scooter ZS

1. The best selling electric scooter models. 2. First choice for daily home use.


Electric delivery scooter is particularly cheap in transportation services: there are no annoying refueling interruptions, and the battery can be replaced anytime and anywhere. Since they drive almost silently, electric mopeds are also popular in quiet places. In addition, zero emission supports the image of an ecological enterprise, is easy to operate, and allows everyone to drive.

Advantage of delivery scooter

Easy to ride, legal bike lanes

No need to line up at gas stations to refuel

Low maintenance and service costs

Transport goods-avoid traffic jams and walk on bicycle lanes and small roads so that the food delivered will be fresher and faster Continuously used all-weather tires

Green corporate image.

No parking space required, small footprint

Application of delivery moped

Coupled with a practical transport box, the advantages of pizza delivery, pharmacies, florists and craftsmen are revealed.

This is the most exciting thing in the food delivery industry. This is an electric bicycle specially designed for the express market. Experience the ultimate freedom, no more traffic or parking issues, and faster delivery than bicycles. Customizable and easy to drive, no professional license, insurance or registration requirements are required.


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